Canadian Visa Interview Preparation Guide
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Canadian Visa frequently Asked Questions in various Canada Visa Interviews by interviewer. The set of Canadian Visa interview questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer to the interview questions posed to you. Get preparation of Canadian Visa interview

35 Canada Visa Questions and Answers:

2 :: How are you doing?

You don't have to be nervous and answer in a formal
way. This question is basically asked to make you comfortable.
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3 :: Have you ever been to Canada before?

Though Visa officer has the record of all your visits
to Canada but you have to tell them the truth. If you have
been there then you should remember the date of arrival &

Yes I have been to Canada once in 2006 on a tourist Visa.


No, I have not been to Canada so far.

If yes then it is advisable to remember the date of last
arrival and departure from Canada.
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4 :: Why do you want to study in Canada?

Visa officer wants to understand your intentions to go
to Canada. As you are applying for student Visa so you
should only talk about that.

I want to go there to pursue my Masters degree. Because of
the ample research facilities and global exposure available
there. I will be completely equipped in terms of practical
exposure, by being in contact with people from different
nations and working with the best technology.
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5 :: Why did you select this particular university?

You should go through the website and handbook of your
university carefully. Pen down some highlighted features
such as World ranking, the research facility, the faculty
profile, Alumni profile etc. Visa officer wants to know the
reason behind joining the particular University.

E.g. I was keen to study in a university which can give me
quality education so while searching various options I found
that this university has got the best faculty available in
my subject. Even the research facilities are very good.
Moreover it is listed in the top 50 universities of the
world with well known professionals as its Alumni's.
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6 :: For which course are you going?

You should go through the course content carefully. You
should know everything such as: Duration, Fee, commencement
& end date, Credits points, curriculum etc about your course.

I am going for MS in Computer Science for the Fall 2009 session.
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7 :: Why did you choose this course?

You should be very clear about your future plans after
doing this course. Prepare a good statement mentioning
about: How course is relevant to your previous degree, how
this course adds value to you profile, why you are
interested in doing this course etc.

This course is related to my previous studies as I have done
my B.Tech (Computer Science) and I would like to continue my
education in the same field. Moreover I am quiet interested
in VLSI design and this course includes various modules
related to that.
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8 :: Why dont you do this course here in India?

You should know what difference the course would bring
to you if done from Canada instead of India. If the course
is not available in India, you can tell the Visa Officer
that it is not offered in India. If the same course is
available in India, highlight the differences in the quality
of education and the course structure in India and Canada.
You should convince the Visa Officer that doing this course
from Canada will add value to your profile. Talk about a few
researches being conducted in that field. Technical words
work out when other things don't.

Similar course in India is entirely theoretical. Whereas the
same course in Canada comes along with Internship and a lot
of project work. Internship & projects will give me a lot of
practical knowledge. After completing the course I will not
get only the degree, but also experience in the field. Also,
the research facilities are not that great here in India.
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9 :: Which are the other universities you have applied to?

Visa Officer wants to know if you are really serious
about your education. If you applied to 4 and were accepted
in 1 and got 3 rejects, you should put it this way: I
applied to 4, got 1 admit, 2 awaited and 1 reject. Visa
Officer will have record of the Universities accepted your
application and not of your rejections. You should say that
the chosen university was your first choice.

I applied to four other universities and got calls from two
of them. But I preferred to choose XYZ because of the
research being carried out in the field of XXX (mention the
one related to your course) that interests me the most.
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10 :: How are you going to fund your education?

Visa Officer wants to know if you are well aware of
source of your funds. This is the way to verify your
documents as well.

You can say that Family funds or Bank loan (As per your Visa
documents and funds statement)
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