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19 C++ Containers Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is Iterator class?

An iterator class is used to iterate through objects of the container class. An iterator is an entity that gives access to the contents of a container object.
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2 :: What is Input Iterator?

These iterators can read values in the forward movement. They can be incremented, compared and dereferenced.
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3 :: What is Ouptut Iterator?

They write values in the forward movement. They can be incremented and dereferenced.
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4 :: What is Forward Iterator?

They are like input and output iterators that can read and write values in forward movement.
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5 :: What is Bidirectional iterators?

These can Read and write values with forward and backward movement and can be incremented, decremented.
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6 :: What is random_access_iterator?

Can read and write values randomly.
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7 :: Tell us what you know about Iterator class?

A container class hold group of objects and iterator class is used to traverse through the objects maintained by a container class. The iterator class provides access to the classes inside a container. They are objects that point to other objects. Iterator points to one element in a range, and then it is possible to increment it so that it points to the next element.

There are several different types of iterators:

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8 :: What are storage classes?

Storage class defined for a variable determines the accessibility and longevity of the variable. The accessibility of the variable relates to the portion of the program that has access to the variable. The longevity of the variable refers to the length of time the variable exists within the program.
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9 :: What is Automatic variable?

Automatic variable, also called as local variable and it has scope only within the function block where it is defined.
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10 :: What are External variable?

External variable are defined outside any function and memory is set aside for this type of variable once it is declared and remained until the end of the program. These variables are also called global variables.
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