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Business Lawyer related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with professional career as Business Lawyer. These list of interview questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

61 Business Lawyer Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell us what have you learned from jobs you have held?

The interviewer needs to understand that you seek and can accept constructive advice and that your business decisions are based on the ultimate good of the firm, not your personal whim or preference.
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2 :: Tell me how did your boss get the best out of you?

This is a manageability question, geared to probing whether you are going to be a pain in the neck or not. Whatever you say it is important for your ongoing happiness that you make it clear you don’t appreciate being treated like a doormat. You don’t want to work for someone who is going to make life miserable for you.
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3 :: Tell me what kind of decisions are most difficult for you?

You are human, admit it, but be careful what you admit. Emphasise that having reached a logical conclusion, you act. You want to use an example that will demonstrate your consideration, analytical abilities and concern for the departments.
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4 :: Tell me why did you choose to study X at university?

If you didn't study law, don't worry that your qualifications or motivation are being questioned - law firms are very interested in candidates studying other subjects and value what they can bring to the firm. And if you studied law, you'll still have to explain why, even if it's simply because you wanted a head start on a legal career.

Whatever degree you did, try to demonstrate there was logical thinking behind your decision, outline what skills relevant to a legal career your degree has given you, and show a bit of your personality by conveying what it is about the subject that interests you.
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5 :: Where do you see yourself in five years as Business Lawyer?

This question is especially tough if you are at the beginning of your career, when your path is less clear and you may be unsure where you are headed. What's most important is to show that you have clear goals, and that the position you are interviewing for makes sense as a part of your trajectory. Make sure that the goals you state are not only compatible with, but directly related to, the role. Most interviewers are proud of their companies and are not interested in hiring someone who sees a job as merely a stepping stone to where they really want to be.

At the same time, hiring managers understand that no one aims to stay in a junior role forever. If you are interviewing for an entry-level position, talk about your passion for the industry and your interest in advancing in your field. If the company employs more senior people in the same area, you can talk about eventually gaining more responsibility and contributing more substantively to the organization. The one exception is that at a very small company, it can come across as aggressive to talk about moving up in the ranks-in this situation, focus on growing within the industry in general.
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6 :: Explain me how your legal organisation/law firm defines success?

It would be wise to save this question for the interviewing manager, and not for a peer/technical discussion. Nobody likes a kiss-up, but letting management know that you will communicate openly and honestly with them, always scores big points. The last part of the question can be a good barometer about how easy it will be to become a top performer. You can follow up with a discussion of how you have been successful in your previous jobs.
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7 :: Tell us do you belong to any specialized bar associations?

You want an attorney who keeps up with the latest legal and business matters. Be sure to ask whether he or she belongs to such groups as the local bar association, chamber of commerce or a small-business advisory board. "Are they taking a step beyond just saying, 'I do business law'?" Leach says. "The problem with a sole practitioner is sometimes they turn into monks and aren't out in society. You want someone who is keeping up with what's going on."
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8 :: Explain me about a recent deal or case you’ve worked on?

This question is posed to figure what level your practice is at and what you can bring to the table. The interviewer wants to know whether you are a true third-year attorney or whether your firm was so slow in your first year that they should really consider you a second year. They are also checking to see how well you can articulate an answer. If you can easily explain a complex deal or case to the interviewer, you will likely be able to do the same for a client.

Come into the interview ready to discuss three matters you have worked on this year. If you don’t remember the tasks you completed for each one, go back and take a look at your time records. For each matter, be prepared to discuss your role, the outcome and anything else that made the work unique.
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9 :: Explain me you currently work in New York. Why are you now interested in California?

The question is not malicious. Each year, many firms are burned by attorneys who profess an interest to move to a new city only to end up staying briefly and leave within a year or two. Be honest, but don’t feel pressured to list off any possible connection you may have in the location of the firm (e.g., “A third-cousin I never met lives in the city too”). Just remember all of the reasons why you want to relocate and be enthusiastic with your response. A genuine explanation far outweighs any made up one.

Answering Strategy and Options
“My spouse has decided to settle in California. He was raised here and his family still lives here” (a powerful and credible explanation). To make a stronger case, think of an additional reason you are interested in the area so the interviewer doesn’t think you will pick up and move again in two years once your spouse gets yet another new job.
“I have spent a considerable amount of time researching San Francisco, examining the firms, and talking with lawyers in the community. It is a city that matches my practice interests the best as I am fascinated by emerging growth companies.”
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10 :: Tell me do you make referrals to other attorneys?

You need to know whether your attorney would be willing to put you in touch with their colleagues on a specialized issue he or she lacks experience in. For fear of losing business, some lawyers are wary of referring clients to other attorneys, even if they have expertise in a particular area, such as tax law.
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