Botany Interview Preparation Guide
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Botany frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Botany. So get preparation for the Botany job interview

11 Botany Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain Respiratory quotient?

respiratory quotient is the ratio between the carbon
dioxide used in photosynthesis to the amount of oxygen
liberated in respiration.

2 :: What is pure botany? please any body tell me about it i have face this question in commission and other question is what is applied botany?

pure botany deals with the study of plants as they form part of nature, while applied botany deals with how it knowledge can be applied to the well-being of mankind.

5 :: Explain Importance of solanaceae?

stem tuber of solanum tuberosum (potato),fruit of lycopersicon esculentum(tometo),fruit of s.melongena(brinjal),fruit of
capsicum (chilli) etc use as vegetable.
withania somnifera use as medicine.
pteunia use as ornamental plant.
diff sp of datura use as medicine.
fruit of physalis minima used as vegetable.
leaf of nicotiana use as drug.

6 :: Explain polyembryony and apomixix?

polyembryony is defined as a presence of of more than one
embryo in seeds. but mostly it will not germinate only one
embryo will germinate another one never germinate.
polyembryony is four types there are cleage polyembryony,
other than egg synergids and antipodal cells function as
embryo, presence of more than one ovule in seed, some of the
vegetative cells function as embryo.
apomixis is some of the vegetative cells function
as embryo.

7 :: What is Electrophoresis?

electrophoresis is a electronic equipment. it is used for
protein extraction. not only protein and also amino acids
like. basic principle of this electrophoresis is molecules
separated on the basis of the molecular weight. there are
several types of electrophoresis used it depends upon our

8 :: What is Telome theory?

zimmermann has given a picture of the origin of the
pteridophytes based on his telome theory.zimmermann defines
the telome as the single-nerved extreme portion of the
plant body from the tip to the next point of branching.

9 :: What are the signs of male and female plants?

only flower is one part where we find sign of male or female
plant...take a flower of plant and abserve if androcium are
present it mean male ...if carpel is present its mean female
.if both sex are peresent..plant become bisexual

10 :: What are the main components of SINDHUR?