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Biztalk Map based Frequently Asked Questions in various Biztalk Map job interviews by interviewer. These professional questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answers posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

35 Biztalk Map Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain me what are maps?

Maps are graphical representations of XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation) documents that allow us to perform, in a simple and visual manner, transformations between XML messages. A map file basically is the XML file that defines the correspondence between the records and fields in one schema and the records and fields in another schema. You create a map when you want to transform or translate data that you receive or send from one schema to another.
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2 :: Tell us can we have map chaining on ports?

Not on the same port, only the first that matches the received message type will execute. You can have a map execute on a Receive Port and then have another map execute on the Send Port or have multiple maps in an Orchestration
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3 :: Tell me is it possible to have a map with 1 incoming message to n outgoing messages?

Yes, but only inside Orchestrations! This type of maps must be created using the Transform shape within an Orchestration.
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4 :: Please explain what are grid pages and how many can we have?

The mapper grid plays a critical role in the definition of maps, containing the links and functoids that control how data in a source instance message is transformed into an instance message that conforms to the destination schema.
The grid view can have multiple layers, called grid pages, allowing you to organize complex maps into logical subdivisions of mappings. BizTalk 2010 no longer has the limitation of 20 grid pages that exist in the previous versions of the product.
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5 :: Do you know what is BAM used for?

BAM is used to monitor business milestones and key metrics in near real-time throughout a process in BizTalk.
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6 :: Explain me when working with Schemas, Maps, Pipelines, and Orchestrations how should the projects be structured?

☛ Schemas and Maps in its own project
☛ Or Schemas and Maps together in its own project
☛ Orchestrations in its own project
☛ Pipelines in it own project
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7 :: Tell us is it possible to link the output of a functoid placed on the right side of the map grid with a functoid placed on the left side of the map grid?

No, it is not possible as grid follows left to right precedence. An output link of the first functoid has to be placed into an input of the second functoid.
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8 :: Tell us is it possible to have map with n incoming messages to 1 outgoing messages?

Yes. And the only place that map can be created with multiple schemas is in a Transform shape within an Orchestration.
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9 :: Tell us is it possible to override the mapping of Mass copy?

It can be done on line by line basis. Example a field need to be passed a current date, then have the Date functoid placed a link to destination field this will override mass copy.
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10 :: Tell me what are the places map can be used?

☛ Receive Port,
☛ Orchestration,
☛ Send Port
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