Bio Informatics Interview Preparation Guide
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Bio Informatics frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Bio Informatics. So get preparation for the Bio Informatics job interview

20 Bio Informatics Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is e value?

Expectation value. lower the e value more significant is the
match. it gives the statistical significance of a match to
signify whether a match has taken by chance alone or not.

2 :: How is the respiratory system applied to the sport paintball?

Paintball is a sport in which players eliminate opponents by
hitting them with pellets containing paint (referred to as a
"paintball"), usually propelled from a CO2 or compressed-gas
(HPA or Nitrogen) powered paintball gun.

3 :: How to identify highly mutated aminoacid from clustalw?

By Calculating the distance score between two nodes(Taxon)

4 :: Can isolation of DNA done with perfection? how?

For isolating the DNA from specific source,we first know the
behavior of cell morphology because cell wall playing
important role in protecting the inner content. By using
various chemicals and there composition helps in isolating
the DNA from source cell.

5 :: What are databases used in bioinformatics?

EMBL for nucleic acids and PDB,
Swissprot for protein

7 :: Which field have wider prospective of job bioinformatics or biotechnology?

see as the biochemistry is the basic thing for each and
every subject opening for any process or in any stream in
biology feild starts with the Biochem only

8 :: What are the responsible factors for extinction of flora and fauna?

Deforestation,hence habitat of wildlife is ruined.
Hunting International market of animal organs.

9 :: What is the difference between present and oldest drug discovery methods?

in oldest drug discovery we use to do hit and trial method for drug discovering we use to make a formula manually and then to design a drug but now that work has been reduce by new softwares and tools now we can avoid this hit and trial method now we can design a drug and can create an hypothesis about that drug and can also predict its efficiency for targetting to the receptor


i like this field because advanced technique of
biology,combined of biotechnology and information
technology,mainly use for drug designing and research, if
anybody research in biological science use for