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Agile Testing based Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience as Agile Testing. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

85 Agile Testing Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain me the roles in Scrum?

There are mainly three roles that a Scrum team have:

☛ Project Owner – who has the responsibility of managing product backlog. Works with end users and customers and provide proper requirement to the team to build the proper product.
☛ Scrum Master – who works with scrum team to make sure each sprint gets complete on time. Scrum master ensure proper work flow to the team.
☛ Scrum Team – Each member in the team should be self-organized, dedicated and responsible for high quality of the work.
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2 :: Do you know what is Agile Testing?

Agile Testing is a practice that a QA follows in a dynamic environment where testing requirements keep changing according to the customer needs. It is done parallel to the development activity where testing team receives frequent small codes from the development team for testing.
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3 :: What is iterative Development in Agile?

Software is developed and delivered to customer and based on the feedback again developed in cycles or release and sprints. Say in Release 1 software is developed in 5 sprints and delivered to customer. Now customer wants some changes, then development team plan for 2nd release which can be completed in some sprints and so on.
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4 :: Explain what is Test Driven Development (TDD)?

It is Test-first development technique in which we add a test first before we write a complete production code. Next we run the test and based on the result refactor the code to fulfill the test requirement.
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5 :: Tell me what is importance of daily stand up meeting?

Daily stand up meeting is essential for any team in which-

☛ Team discuss about how much work has been completed.
☛ What are the plans to resolve technical issues.
☛ What steps need to done to complete the projects etc.
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6 :: What is Re-factoring in Agile Testing?

Re-factoring is modifying existing code to improve its performance, readability, extensibility etc. The code’s functionality remains as it is.
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7 :: Tell me what is a test stub?

A small code which mimics a specific component in the system and can replace it. Its output is same as the component it replaces.
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8 :: Tell me what are the Tools that can be useful for screenshots while working on Agile projects?

While working on Agile projects you can use tools like

☛ BugDigger
☛ BugShooting
☛ qTrace
☛ Snagit
☛ Bonfire
☛ Usersnap
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9 :: What is Sprint?

Sprint is a predefined interval or the time frame in which the work has to be completed and make it ready for review or ready for production deployment. This time box usually lies between 2 weeks to 1 month. In our day to day life when we say that we follow 1 month Sprint cycle, it simply means that we work for one month on the tasks and make it ready for review by the end of that month.
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10 :: What is Scrum ban in Agile Testing?

Scrum ban is a software development model based on Scrum and Kanban. It is specially designed for project that requires frequent maintenance, having unexpected user stories and programming errors. Using these approach, the team’s workflow is guided in a way that allows minimum completion time for each user story or programming error.
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