Adobe Flex Actionscript Interview Preparation Guide
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Adobe Flex and Actionscript Interview Questions Answers Tutorial and Guide to build your knowledge for better career. Adobe Flex is a highly productive application also called actionscript, its free and open source framework for building and maintaining expressive web applications that deploy consistently on all the web browsers, desktops, and operating systems. Adobe Flex actionscript Interview Questions and Answers will guide you about all the aspects of Adobe Flex Actionscript.

84 Adobe Flex Actionscript Questions and Answers:

1 :: Is it possible to make httpService Requests synchronous in adobe flex?

Basically, what we are about to do is creating XMLHttpRequest with Javascript in Flex, and calling a server data with the parameters we will give to the object.
1. Request Type: GET or POST
2. Requested URL
3. Communication Type: true for asynchronous, false for synchronous.

2 :: I need to load an image from flickr into my application. Do I need a crossdomain.xml file on flickr?

File is already there , we need to register our ip address to flicker’s crossdomain.xml
Since the images are located on a flickr server like and there is no crossdomain.xml file on that server (there is a crossdomain.xml for so you can use the api) that means you can’t get access to the bitmapData of the loaded images when you load them from flickr. This is dumb, but that’s the way it is. So you can load images just fine, but the reflection class copies the bitmapData of the image, so that doesn’t work if you load them straight from the flickr server. I also wanted to set bitmap smoothing to true on the images so the thumbnails don’t look as pixelated, and that also requires access to the bitmapData of the loaded image.

So the answer is to create a proxy that loads the flickr image so it appears to come from the same domain.

3 :: What is the difference between httpService and Data Service?

The services-config.xml configuration file is required at compile time if the Flex application uses Flex Data Services. In the case of RPC services, this applies to all applications that use RemoteObject or proxy-based WebService or HTTPService.

5 :: Have you built any components with actionscript? If so explain how you did it?
package components
{ import mx.controls.ComboBox;
public class CountryComboBox extends ComboBox
{ public function CountryComboBox()
{ dataProvider = [ "United States", "United Kingdom" ];


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

width="220" height="115"

<custom:CountryComboBox />

6 :: How do you implement push on a flex applications?

Using BlazeDS Server, LiveCycle Data Services

7 :: I am going to add images into a tag. How will it resize itself in adobe flex actionscript?

To let Flex resize the image as part of laying out your application, set the height or width properties to a percentage value. Flex attempts to resize components with percentage values for these properties to the specified percentage of their parent container.

Or by default, Flex does not resize the image. The scaleContent property has a default value of true, therefore, Flex scales the image as it resizes it to fit the specified height and width. The aspect ratio is maintained by default, so the image may not completely fill the designated space. Set the scaleContent property to false to disable scaling. Set the maintainAspectRatio property to false to allow an image to fill all available space regardless of its dimensions.

8 :: What is a resource Manager in flex actionscript?

The ResourceManager — now handles access to all localized resources in an application. Any components that extend UIComponent, Formatter, or Validator now have a new resourceManager property, which lets you easily access the singleton instance of this manager. If you’re writing some other kind of class that needs to use the ResourceManager, you can call ResourceManager.getInstance() to get a reference to it.

9 :: What are the similarities between java and flex?

Both can be used as client application, both have packages, OOP based , support XML , import external packages, up casting, support ArrayCollection ,almost same primitive data types, both support class library packaging( .jar , .swc).

10 :: What is the dynamic keyword used for in flex actionscript?

Specifies that instances of a class may possess dynamic properties added at runtime. If you use the dynamic attribute on a class, you can add properties to instances of that class at runtime. Classes that are not marked as dynamic are considered sealed, which means that properties cannot be added to instances of the class.