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19 Actuate Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain Difference between onRow and Onread method?

OnRead( ) – can manufacture data based on values in the fetched datarow

OnRow( ) – extracts requested data from the datarow object; normally just used to obtain a value for the ValExp but may access all values in a datarow
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2 :: How do we have left -right flow , normally its top-down flow?

It is for right to left. Reverse logic has to implement for
left to right

First Define one gobal variable(g_rw_wdth) as double,
Static, publice.

And now assume that in a frame you have got two dynamic

Now in 1st text box onRow method write following code:
g_rw_wdth = 0
IF ISNULL(row.getvalue("field1")) then
g_rw_wdth = g_rw_wdth + (me.size.width/1440)
end if

Now in 2ndtext box onRow method write following code:
IF ISNULL(row.getvalue("field2")) then
g_rw_wdth = g_rw_wdth + (me.size.width/1440)
Me.Position.X = Me.Position.X - (g_rw_wdth * OneInch)
end if
In these fashion you can have more dynamic text.

Now if 1st text box the value is null automatically the 2nd
text box will shift to place 1st text box.

And so on.
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3 :: What property you use to Hide a control at runtime?

We can use finish method to hide a control at runtime.
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4 :: We had a number of reports scheduled to run at various times. This worked fine for at least a year, now it is the second time round we lost all the scheduled jobs, with no apparent reason we can find. Any ideas?

You have lost all Scheduled jobs list because you had
cleared all history from completed reports section from
management console,
So pls remember before deleting history from completed
section remove the check mark of SCHEDULES and then clear
Since you can't recover scheduled jobs So next time
whenever you Schedule the job copy the location and job
name and save it to Excel or text file.
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5 :: I generated one report design time i
can color green. at run i want bule how to change dynamically? and which method i can over write?

To Change Color of Frame

override start

me.BackgroundColor = skyBLUE
BackgroundColor = RGB(180, 225, 228)

To Change Color of a specific Control

Override start

dim Control1 as AcTextControl
Set Control1 = me.getControl("MyControl") ''name of control
Control1.BackgroundColor= Blue
BackgroundColor = RGB(180, 225, 228)
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6 :: What is AFC? Where we Use AFC in Actuate?

AFC Actuate foundation class designed to hold an ordered
collection of objects.

All the commonly used components in the AFC library have
been extended in to the sssiebel library.
Sssiebel.rol known as the Siebel library. It is derived
from afc.rol and contains all the base classes for the
sscustom library.
The use of a component from the AFC library, rather than
the sscustom library, is an
exceptional situation and applies only to detail charts.
AFC components should not be used
directly in Siebel reports except in this specific
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7 :: What is the filter?

there two types of filters
1. single input filter
2. multiple input filter

connecting the report for 2 databases we use multiple input
for example your report need two database for geting data u
have to use multiple input filter.
base class for this filter is
AC single inputfilter
AC multiple input filter
i will give example for in your database u have abc,xyz two
databases you need data from these two databases so u have
use multiple filter. normally single input filter we do not
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8 :: How to call a stored procedure from a report?

place the connection in the connection slot --use "ODBC
connection" option here.
while placing the data source in the data stream
choose "Stored prodedure data source componant" ,click on OK
Place the data row in the data row slote under data stream .
Now double click on the data stream go to Property-Stored
Procedure Def ,click on the browse button ,
then it will automatically opens the SP in your database ,
just select the stored procedure (SP) which u want
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9 :: Connecting to iServer Volume using IDAPI
Classes(Java Classes) and after connecting to iServer i want to execute the ROX on iServer and also want know the status whether that job
is succesfully run or not?

Just Try to run Axis Client first which is in
ServerIntTechnology.In that U can find code for execute and
job status.
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10 :: How many times executite the fetch method at run time?

Number of rows which are retrieved from database query,that
many times Fetch method get executed at run time.
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