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Action Script frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Action script. These interview questions and answers on Action Script will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts. So get preparation for the Action Script job interview

20 Action Script Questions and Answers:

1 :: How to write a program use a text field and display it using the ActionScript?

- The ActionScript uses some APIs to create the objects to display it using the scripts and different functions.

- The text field is accessed and created using the following functions as shown below:
var hello:TextField = new TextField();
hello.text = "Hello World";

- The program that is written is complex and larger in size to be displayed at faster pace on the browser.

- The program show the use of text field in an object oriented manner with the help of IDE and other programs and it is shown as:
package com.example
import flash.text.TextField;
import flash.display.Sprite;

public class Greeter extends Sprite
public function Greeter()
var txtHello:TextField = new TextField();
txtHello.text = "Hello World";
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2 :: Do you know what are the different primitive data types used in ActionScript?

There are three different types of primitive data types that exist:

- Boolean – this data type deals in only two values either it can be true or false. It is also donates as 1 or 0.

- There are no other values that can be valid for Boolean data types and it is used mostly in conditional statements.

- int – this is the data type that is of 32 bit and it has the range in between -2,147,483,648 and 2,147,483,647.

- Null – this data type defines only one value that is NULL and this is the default value used in the String data type.

- These values are used in classes with other complex data types and it includes the object classes as well.
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3 :: How to write a program to show the external ActionScript?

- The code that is created allows the text field with the positions, depth and the screen to be filled up.

- The parameters need to be set up using the following functions:
createTextField("hello", 0, 0, 0, 100, 100);
hello.text = "Hello, world";

- The external ActionScript can be written using the class files and then describing the dimensions and other parameters related to it.

- The external ActionScript is written as such:
class com.example.Hello extends HelloWorld
public function Hello() {}
public function onLoad():Void
var txtHello:TextField = this.createTextField("txtHello", 0, 0, 0, 100, 100);
txtHello.text = "Hello, world";
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4 :: Explain what are the data types supported by ActionScript?

- ActionScripts consists of fundamental data types that allow users to create different types of data types.

The data types are defined in levels as follows:

- String: this is a collection of characters in the form of “Hello World” and it is useful to display it in a continuous form.

- Number: this consists of the numeric values that can be decimal form as well.

- Boolean: this consists of the binary format values that can have only values either “true” or “false”.

- Object: this is used as a data type and has the complex data type to inherit the properties from the other objects or classes.

- This way it provides flexibility to group the methods, functions and other objects.
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5 :: Can you explain what are the complex data types used in ActionScript?

- ActionScript also uses some complex data types to create applications and display it on the web browser.

- These complex data types use more memory and simple data types to build themselves.

- The data types are as follows:

- MovieClip: is an ActionScript data type used to create visible objects that can be easily used by the applications.

- TextField – this provides a way to dynamically input the text field and inherit the type of movie clip.

- Button – this is a simple object that gets created in 4 frames or states in the form of Up, over, down and hit. It also inherits the movie clip type.

- Date – this allow the information to be accessed from a specified location at a given time.
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6 :: Tell me what are the features involved in updating a language?

The features involved in updating the language of the Action Script are as follows:

- There exists a compile-time and run-time type checking that allow better checking of the information for errors.

- The performance monitoring of the system from a class based inheritance system that have the separation being done with the prototype based inheritance.

- It supports different types of packages, with the namespaces and regular expressions that can be used with the applications.

- The compiler compiles the application to the bytecode that is a new type and compatible with the ActionScript 3.0.

- It provides a way to provide a mechanism for event handling that is with the event handling standard.
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7 :: Can you explain what does the void function and object contain in ActionScript?

- The void is a data type that consists of one value and the type is not defined as it is same as having null value.

- The undefined values are used in the object classes and the instances are described in it.

- The value used in the Object instance is null and it uses complex data types as well to represent it.

- The object class uses the data type of object and it is used to call other classes’ data as well.

- The object class that is being given act as a base class and the definitions that are written for it is present in the ActionScript.

- The objects consist of the key value pairs and form associative arrays that consist of the keys of String type.
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8 :: Do you know what is the difference between an Array and Vector?

- Array is a list of characters stored in a contiguous memory locations whereas, vectors can be stored according to the memory allocated.

- Arrays are written in ActionScript and the type of array can be any and it can consist of any values as well whereas, the vector consists of multi-dimensional arrays.

- Arrays provide a way to retrieve the values and are easy to use, whereas vectors are not that easy to use and require manipulative tasks to be performed.

- Arrays are not typed and don’t use any other array form, whereas vectors are typed and uses arrays where the value of it either remains defined or null.

- There is no bound checking on arrays, whereas there are boundary checking’s that has been performed on vectors.
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9 :: Explain what are the different utils libraries in ActionScript?

The libraries of Flash utils in ActionScript are as follows:

- flash.utils:Dictionary – this consists of the dictionaries that has an object with different keys of any kind of data types.

- flash.display:Sprite – this consists of a display object container that doesn’t have the support of the timeline.

- flash.display:MovieClip – this provide a display object to run the animated movie clip.

- This consists of the timeline for the flash file by default and gives the input in the MovieClip.

- flash.display:Bitmap – this displays an object for the non-animated bitmap file.

- flash.display:Shape – this consists of the shape object that are non-animated and vectors in nature.

- flash.utils:ByteArray – this consists of the array type in the binary format and allow the creation of the simple applications.
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10 :: Tell me what are the functions used with flash media?

The functions that are involved with the flash media are as follows:

- Error: this occurs when it is for the generic object that allows the reporting to be made for the runtime errors.

- The errors are thrown out as an exception and then catched using the exception handler.

- Function: this provides the basic class files and flash method definitions that allow the application to be created and made simpler.

- RegExp is abbreviated for regular expression for an object that is used for strings and provides a way to include the features of it.

- – provides an object of the playback that supports the direct transportation of the video in the MP4 format.
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