Ab Initio Data Warehousing Interview Preparation Guide
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Ab Initio Data Warehousing Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that the Ab Initio software is a suite of products which together provide a platform for data processing applications. The Core Ab Initio products are: Co>Operating System The Component Library Graphical Development Environment Enterprise Meta>Environment Data Profiler Conduct>It So get preparation for the job of Ab Initio by the help of this Ab Initio Data Warehousing Interview Questions with Answers guide

39 Ab Initio Questions and Answers:

1 :: What does dependency analysis mean in Ab Initio?

Dependency analysis will answer the questions regarding datalinage.That is where does the data come from,what applications prodeuce and depend on this data etc.

We can retrieve the maximum (surrogate key) from the existing data,the by using scan or next_in_sequence/reformat we can generate further sequence for new records.

2 :: When using multiple DML statements to perform a single unit of work, is it preferable to use implicit or explicit transactions, and why?

Because implicit is using for internal processing and explicit is using for user open data requied.

3 :: Describe the Grant/Revoke DDL facility and how it is implemented?

Basically,This is a part of D.B.A responsibilities GRANT means permissions for example GRANT CREATE TABLE ,CREATE VIEW AND MANY MORE .

REVOKE means cancel the grant (permissions).So,Grant or Revoke both commands depend upon D.B.A.

4 :: What is the difference between rollup and scan?

By using rollup we cant generate cumulative summary records for that we will be using scan.

5 :: Describe the elements you would review to ensure multiple scheduled batch jobs do not collide with each other?

Because every job depend upon another job for example if you first job result is successfull then another job will execute otherwise your job doesn't work.

6 :: How can i run the 2 GUI merge files?

Do you mean by merging Gui map files in WR.If so, by merging GUI map files in GUI map editor it wont create corresponding test script.without testscript you cant run a file.So it is impossible to run a file by merging 2 GUI map files.

8 :: How would you find out whether a SQL query is using the indices you expect?

Explain plan can be reviewed to check the execution plan of the query. This would guide if the expected indexes are used or not.

9 :: How to create repository in abinitio for stand alone system(LOCAL NT)?

If you are trying to install the Ab -Initio on stand alone machine , then it is not necessary to create the repository , While installing It creates automatically for you under abinitio folder ( where you installing the Ab-Initio) If you are still not clear please ask your Question on the same portal .

10 :: When running a stored procedure definition script how would you guarantee the definition could be rolled back in the event of problems?

There are quite a few factors that determines the approach such as what type of version control are used, what is the size of the change, what is the impact of the change, is it a new procedure or replacing an existing and so on.

If it is a new, then just drop the wrong one

if it is a replacement then how big is the change and what will be the possible impact, depending upon you can have the entire database backed up or just create a script for your original procedure before messing it up or you just do an ed and change the file back to original and reapply. you may rename the old procedure as old and then work on new and so on.

few issues to keep in mind are synonyms, dependancies, grants, any job calling the procedure at the time of change and so on. In nutshell, scenario can be varied and solution also can be varied.