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Learn ASP Programming by Interview Questions and Answers.

194 ASP Programming Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is ASP?

ASP stands for Active Server Pages. It is a server side technology which is used to display dynamic content on web pages. For example you could write code that would give your visitors different information, different images or even a totally different page depending on what browser version they are using.
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2 :: How can you disable the browser to view the code?

Writing codes within the Tag
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3 :: What is a "Virtual Directory"?

Virtual directories are aliases for directory paths on the server. It allows moving files on the disk between different folders, drives or even servers without changing the structure of web pages. It avoids typing an extremely long URL each time to access an ASP page.
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4 :: Give the comment Tags for the following?

VBScript : REM & ‘(apostrophe)
JavaScript : // (single line comment)
/* starting multi line comments

(Multi-line comments)
ending multi line comments */
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5 :: Which is the default Scripting Language of ASP (server-side)?

default Scripting Language of ASP is VBScript
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6 :: Which is the default Data types in VBScript?

Variant is the default data type in VBScript, which can store a value of any type.
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7 :: What is a variable in ASP?

Variable is a memory location through which the actual values are stored/retrieved. Its value can be changed.
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8 :: What is the maximum size of an array in ASP?

Maximum size of an array in ASP is up to 60 dimensions.
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9 :: What is Querystring collection in ASP?

Querystring collection stores any values that are provided in the URL. This can be generated by three methods:
By clicking on an anchor tag
By sending a form to the server by the GET method
Through user-typed HTTP address
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10 :: What are the attributes of the tags? What are their functions?

The two attributes are ACTION and METHOD
The ACTION gives the name of the ASP file that should be opened next by which this file can access the information given in the form The METHOD determines which of the two ways (POST or GET) the browser can send the information to the server
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