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You have two sets of tests to run on the new version of the software?


You have two sets of tests to run on the new version of the software.
Test Set 1: a test set to provide confidence that software has not regressed from the previous version.
Test Set 2: a detailed test set to investigate potential faults in the new release of software.
Having run test set 1 you discover a number of faults in the new version of software – what do you do?

First we should investigate the faults – is it because we had run our tests wrongly, or that we were running the tests on the wrong environment? Assuming that it is because the software has regressed – then we must establish the nature of the faults and severity of the faults. It is probably inefficient to run any further tests at this stage. We should work with development in getting a new version of the software with the faults fixed and re-tested before running test set 2.

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You have raised a fault, but Development are unable to reproduce it. What should your next step be? Describe the stages of testing and what the objectives are at each stage?