MCSD.NET - 70-316 Exam Question:
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You execute a query on your external Oracle database named XYZSalesDate by using an
OleDbCommand object. The query uses the Average function to return a single value that
represents the average price of products in the inventory table. You want to optimize performance
when you execute this query.
To execute this query from your ADO.NET code, you need to use a method of the
OleDbCommand object. Which method should you use?
A. ExecuteNonQuery
B. ExecuteScalar
C. ToString
D. ExecuteReader


D. ExecuteReader

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Suppose As a programmer at XYZ inc, you use Visual Studio .NET to create several applications that will
be deployed commercially over the Internet. You must ensure that customers can verify the
authenticity of your software.
Which action or actions should you take? (Choose all that apply.)
A. Sign your portable executables by using Signcode.exe.
B. Generate an X.509 certificate by using Makecert.exe.
C. Purchase an X.509 certificate from a certificate authority.
D. Purchase a Software Publisher Certificate from a certificate authority.
E. Convert your certificate to a Software Publisher Certificate by using Cert2spc.exe.
Suppose You use Visual Studio .NET to create a Windows-based application that will track camera sales.
The applications main object is named Camera. The Camera class is created by the following
public class Camera {
You write code that sets properties for the Camera class. This code must be executed as soon as
an instance of the Camera class is created. Now you need to create a procedure in which you
can place your code. Which code segment should you use?
A. public Camera()
B. public void Camera()
C. public bool Camera()
D. public New()
E. public Camera New()
F. public Camera Camera()