Novell Certification Exam Question:
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You are logged is as user wparker and want to change the priority of process 1824. It is currently
at a nice value of 5. Being logged in as wparker, which command will change the priority?
A. renice -10 1824
B. renice -1 1824
C. renice 0 1824
D. renice 3 1824
E. renice 7 1824
F. Only root can change the nice value of a process.


E:renice 7 1824

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Which directory allows you see which services are loaded in runlevel 5?
A. /var/init/rc5/
B. /sys/init/rc5/
C. /etc/init.d/rc5.d/
D. /boot/inittab/rc5/
E. /root/init.d/rc5.d/
Which command shows who is currently on the system and their processes?
A. w
B. who
C. last
D. finger
E. lastlog