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Will you be comfortable working in different shifts?


Answer #1
Yes, I can. I might have difficulties at the beginning, but I am sure that my body will easily adjust to working at odd hours. Staying up throughout the nights is not a problem for me.” You can take this as an opportunity to talk about how well suited for the job you are by saying things like—
► I am enthusiastic and energetic about my work.
► I am very proficient and hard working.
► I can work efficiently and with the same amount of zeal and energy at any time in the day.
► I can strive hard to achieve my goals and at the same time manage other aspects of the job.

One thing to keep in mind while praising yourself is to avoid the use of superlatives like ‘extremely’ hardworking, the ‘best’ at xyz, the ‘most’ efficient etcetra. Selling yourself is good, but the subtler the trumpeting, the better it is.

Answer #2
Yes I am confident working in different shifts bucz. My body addjust in any shift we are working

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