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Why the dilution containing 10-100 cfu of microorganisms are used for the tests?


During growth promotion test, We check whether media is capable of promoting growth of inoculated microorganisms or not.So, in GPT culture suspension of 10-100 cfu's or not more than 100 cfu's required because first thing is that we can easily count the number of recovered microorganisms on the media plate.
Another important thing is that we are challenging the media with the microorganisms and the microorganisms which we use for GPT should not be more than 5 passage removed form the original culture. So, we are working with the healthy microorganisms and these microorganisms should grow on the media which we are testing. This is like a challenge to use low number of microorganisms to check the growth promotion properties of the media. For this reason we use 10-100 cfu's or not more than 100 cfu's for growth promotion test.

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