Teaching Question:

Why do you want to teach?


This is the fundamental question! They will be looking for evidence that teaching is your first choice career and not something you are going for because you couldn't get in to what you really wanted to do.

Teaching is a tough job and the PGCE also demands resilience and determination, so the selectors are looking for evidence of strong motivation which will keep you going when things get tough. Remember that there may be several applicants per place and they will take the best all-round candidates.

Your answer should stress that you are aware of the demands on teachers - perhaps giving examples from the time you spent in school as an observer, but give evidence of the things in teaching that you would find satisfying - e.g. when you helped out at a youth club and you were able to bring out a particularly reticent adolescent. Try to give your answers from the heart - show some enthusiasm!

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teaching is a good profession because due to this profession a teacher get the first thing that is curiosity in which teacher's hunger inceases about knowledge and he compare more challenges day by day which brings teacher in the field of achievement of knowledge.

Because I love involve deaf children and I have passion for deaf education for the future to achieve their goals

I like it because I take tuitions since 4 year I like to teach pupils

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How i tell about my self?Why are you applying to this particular teaching course?