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Why do i get ##### instead of the sum?


Generally when we enter long data to a particular cell if it is in accounting format then it shows #####

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Is there a way in excel to write a formula to mark a cell with a symbol or letter or number that is the inverse of coordinates marked. example: if i mark the coordinates c/p with a "1" then excel will automatically mark its inverse p/c. and if i erase a symbol from, lets say, d/g, then excel removes a symbol from the inverse which would be g/d. i will need to mark any particular (several, many) particular cells more than once such as 2 or three times. can i do it all with the same symbol or number (or letter).

reason: i want to make a table of sorts where the names of badminton players are listed
down vertically and in the same order horizontally. therefore b,b would have the same name such as carol, c/c might be joe, d,d might be shaun, etc.
that way when, lets say carol and shaun are partners in a game and i type the symbol in the coordinates b/d, then excel will mark d/b automatically. that way i can keep track by seeing who has played with who already, not at all, or even played together 2 or 3 times. does this make sense to you? (i doubt i mathmatically did not write coordinates properly, maybe it should be a letter then comma then the other letter).
I wrote the following formula in microsoft excel
=if(and(a1>39, b1>39, c1>39), "passed", "failed" if i enter numbers in the respective cells the formula works but when i entered x in the respective cells there is a problem. excel take x as a number. pls help?