Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Question:
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Who should read Search Engine Visibility?


Search Engine Visibility is a must have book for people to read before they begin designing or redesigning a web site.

Search engine marketers and web site designers can learn how to design and promote web sites in a non-spam manner, i.e. in a way that the search engines and directories approve.

Advertising agencies, who often outsource search engine marketing, need to have a basic understanding of how search engine marketing works, and what they should and should not promise their clients. All too often, ad agencies confuse search engine optimization with search engine advertising. This book will help them with any confusion they may have.

It will also help firms that hire advertising agencies who provide SEO services. Being well educated about the entire search engine marketing process will help you make a better

Marketers and marketing agencies, in particular, will benefit most from Search Engine Visibility since the responsibility of online marketing falls squarely on their shoulders. The submission section will be particularly valuable to them.

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