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Which should I use, RepAgent or LTM in Sybase?


There are pros and cons to both, however, I think that it should be stated up front that RepAgents are the latest offering and I believe that Sybase would expect you you to use that. Certainly the documentation for LTMs is a little buried implying that they do not consider it to be as current as LTMs.

LTM Cons:
* Older technology. Not sure if it is being actively supported.
* Not integrated within ASE, so there is a (small) performance penalty.
* Separate processes, so need additional monitoring in production environments.

LTM Pros:
* Possible to restart LTM without having to restart ASE.

RepAgent Cons
* If it crashes it is possible that you will have to restart ASE in order to restart RepAgent.

RepAgent Pros
* Latest, and presumably greatest, offering.
* Tightly integrated with ASE so good performance.
* Less to manage, no extra entries in the interfaces file.

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