Linux Bash Arithmetic Expressions Question:
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Which command is used to re-execute the previous command?
a) !!
b) !cat
c) !3
d) !$


a) !!
Explanation:'!cat' will re-execute the last cat command, '!3′ will re-execute the third last command and '!$' will execute the last argument of previous command.

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Fc stands for
a) find command
b) fix command
c) both (a) and (b)
d) none of the mentioned
Which one of the following is not correct about job control in bash shell?
a) it is the ability to stop and resume any process running in shell at a later point
b) user employs this facility via an interactive interface supplied by the kernel's terminal driver and bash
c) it is the ability to create any process
d) none of the mentioned