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Where can I find the time on satellite pictures? What time zone is this?


The date and time stamps are located at the top or bottom of every image, along with other information. For example, G-10 IMG 01 3 Jun 00 TIME=00:30UTC RES=4km NWS/WR=SSD, is a typical date-time stamp which appears on satellite images. The date and time, colored blue in the above example, is in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC). UTC is also known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or Zulu Time (Z). Along the West Coast, we are about 8 hours behind the UTC during Pacific Standard Time (PST). During Daylight Saving Time (PDT), from mid April through mid October, we are about7 hours behind the UTC. In the example above, it's June 3rd 2000, 30 minutes past midnight in Greenwich England. In order to get local time, you subtract7 hours to get June 2nd 2000, 5:30PM PDT. The next calendar day has already started in Greenwich England!

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