Government UPSC Question:
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What type of questions asked in CPF interview?


1. What is your name, roll number and date of birth.
2. What is the meaning of your name? (Details about the name asked)
3. What is insurgency problem? Where?
4. What is participatory management?
5. How you can use your knowledge of Computer Science in CPF?
6. What is Wi-Fi? How it works?
7. Blood pressure?
8. What is phishing?
9. What is Firewall?
10. Hindi should be made national language. Favour and Against statements.
11. E security
12. You are with group, insurgents comes, what you will do? How you will handle?
13. You are on border. You know about the attack. You know the enemy. How you will handle?
14. What is scientific research?
15. Are you a good leader?
16. What is food security? Your relation to it?

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