Retail Store Manager Question:
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What skills can you bring to the retailer?
How have you successfully managed conflict?
When was the last time your plans were disrupted due to an unexpected event? How did you react?
Describe a situation where you were: under pressure; able to influence someone; creative; motivated (and showed it); able to stay calm; decisive etc
How have you ensured quality in the teams you have worked in?
Tell me about a time when you dealt with a difficult customer.?


Questions about your skills will align with the competencies that the retailer seeks and the values of the company, so if they are an entrepreneurial company, for example, expect questions about times you took the initiative or improved something.

☛ The first step to preparing for these questions is to remind yourself of the attributes the company wants – reread the job ad.
☛ The next step is to come up with examples of when you developed and demonstrated these skills from your part-time jobs, internships, extra-curricular activities and your course.
☛ Practise explaining these examples – many graduates don’t show themselves in the best light they could. Use the CAR structure: explain the Circumstances (or background), the Actions you took and the Results (or outcomes). If you’re talking about when you worked in a team, focus on what you did.

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