e-Commerce Manager Question:
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What qualities do you look for in a boss?


Answer #1
Remain optimistic and do not be too specific. Good attributes include moral character, honesty, and intelligence since managers usually believe they possess these qualities.

Answer #2
Employee friendly

Answer #3
Someone who is willing to stand behind his/her people.
That alone makes the crew want to stand behind the boss and follow
A person who is understanding with his subordinates.
A person who can not only effectively finish a job but, keeping safety a top priority for himself and his crew

Answer #4
I expect a boss to treat me the same way as that person would want to be treated.
If I was to make a mistake I wouldn't want my boss ridiculing me for the mistake and handing the book over.
I would also expect if something was to go wrong and there was nobody there to do the job I would expect the boss to do the job.

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