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What is your role at Creative Good, and how did the company get started?


I'm the president of Creative Good. I founded CG in January 1997. For the first year I slogged it out alone in my suburban New York apartment, conducting a guerilla marketing campaign to raise awareness of Web ease-of-use. During the second year I conducted my first few consulting engagements and wrote my first Good Report, "In Search of E-Commerce," with Robert Seidman. My campaign, consulting, and report brought about significant improvements on several top e-commerce sites; this prompted InfoWorld magazine to award me Netrepreneur of the Year 1998 for "doing more than any other individual to make Web commerce sites easier to use."

In February 1999 I hired an awesome CEO, Phil Terry, who came from McKinsey and Harvard Business School. We've been growing Creative Good together ever since. Now I have the pleasure of working side by side with some of the most talented, passionate people in the industry. I can say this with confidence because our hiring is extremely, extremely selective. We're 15 people big, and growing fast. All bootstrapped.

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What are the best methods for improving the customer experience? Are there effective tools or techniques that you would like to share with us?What can Creative Good do that no one else can? What is your expertise? What is your strategic advantage?