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What is the proper name for EDTA and what is it?


EDTA is ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid. It is a strong chelating agent. It has many uses including:

1) Industrial cleaning: complexation of Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions, binding of heavy metals

2) Detergents: complexation of Ca2+ and Mg2+ (reduction of water hardness)

3) Photography: use of Fe (III) EDTA as oxidizing agent

4) Pulp and paper industry: complexation of heavy metals during chlorine-free bleaching, stabilization of hydrogen peroxide

5) Textile industry: complexation of heavy metals, bleach stabilizer

6) Agrochemicals: Fe, Zn and Cu fertilizer, especially in calcareous soils

7) Hydroponics: iron-EDTA is used to solubilize iron in nutrient solutions.

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