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What is the most common mistake on C++ and OO projects?


Unnecessary complexity — the plague of OO technology.
Complexity, like risk, is a fact of life that can’t be avoided. Some software
systems have to be complex because the business processes they represent are
complex. But unfortunately many intermediate developers try to “make things
better” by adding generalization and flexibility that no one has asked for or will
ever need. The customer wants a cup of tea, and the developers build a system
that can boil the ocean [thanks to John Vlissides for this quip]. The result
is unnecessary complexity, which increases the risk of failure. The intentions
might be good but the result can be deadly.
Here are a few guidelines.
• Don’t solve problems that don’t need to be solved.
• Don’t worry about the future until you’re sure you can survive the present.
• Don’t build things for the fun of it.
• The organization’s health is more important than the developer’s desire
to play with the latest whiz-bang tool or technique.
• Don’t add risk without a compelling and measurable benefit to the project.
• Don’t invest in the future if your current project is in trouble.
Avoid the “death by one thousands cut” syndrome by avoiding unnecessary

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