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What is the main difference between 8086 and 8088?


The BIU in 8088 is 8-bit data bus & 16- bit in 8086.Instruction queue is 4 byte long in 8088and 6 byte in 8086.

in 8086
instruction buffer q(ibq) is 6bytes
address bus 20 bit,data bus 16 bit
pin 28 is io'/m ' stand 4 bar.
bhe' is present.
in 8088
ibq 4 bytes
addressbus 16 bit,data bus 8 bit.
pin 28 io/m'
no bhe'

8088 is having the same address bus width as of 8086. Means 20-bit address bus. I could see the answer posted by one of my friend , mentioned that address bus of 8088 is 16-bit. pls correct it

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