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What is the difference between various read and find statement,and which one should be used when for better adabas performance?


Answer #1
There are two possible scenarios:
1) This is a classroom quesiton where you are expected to
do some research on your own, and not ask someone in the
cloud for the exact answer.
2) The question is too vague, and would require a full
essay to answer. Please be more specific.

Answer #2
This is an Adabas/Natural question, not an Assembler question.

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Write the fetch cycle and execute cycle for following instructions:JMPNZ (jump to the given address if the accumulator not equal to zero) RET(return from a subroutine) ADB (add the contents of register B to the accumulator and save result in the accumulator)?registers(0-15) ,where they are going be resides does that mean here is it resides whether real or virtual memory? and why? then why we are assign even registers(0 to 6) for FP operations?