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What is the difference between maoism, naxalism, and communism?


mavoyism based on the theory of mavo zedong.a person or a
group want to practisise the theory called mavoist.

naxalism originated in westbangal by a group of people for
accomplish their demands in anyway.which does not based on

communism is different from the two mentioned above.the best
word to define communism is to reduce the difference between
rich and poor.

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Who was the India first prime minister?In the history of Russian Revolution, what is Bloody Sunday?

(a) It was the Sunday on which the entire family of last
Czar of Russia was massacred.

(b) It was the day on which a mass of peaceful workers on
its way to present a petition was fired upon

(c) It was the Sunday when the sailors of the battleship
Potemkin joined the revolutionaries and were killed.

(d) It was the day when hundreds of Bolshevik
revolutionaries were killed in a conflict with Mensheviks.