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What is the difference between item cat group and general item cat group?


Both have a role to paly in the sales documentation .
Item category group refers to the material type and to
which material charecteristics does this belong and is
configured in MM02 in basic data 1 tab where as Item
category group is from the sales porspective which is
defined in sales org 1 tab or in vov7
Based on the Genral Item category group one can define
the item category group
Eg : In the general Item Category goup is given as BANS
then the item category group is TAS AND IN Sales docment we
can clearly understand that that the line item material
belongs to Third party and should have a purchase
requisation created for this in schdule lines

Similaryly if the Genaral Item Category Group is given as
ERLA then the corresponding item category group is TAQ
which refers that this line item will have set of
components associated and has pricing associated

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