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What is the diff between sto,inter company and 3rd party sale process?


For STO following are the minimum requirement
The material code should be same at delivering
plant and receiving plant.
Material to be transferred should be created in both the
Supplying plant is to be created as Plant as Vendor for the
receiving plant.
Receiving Plant has to be created as Customer.
STO pricing procedure to be maintained.
If requirement are fullfilled STO is generated by receiving
plant using docs type NB, sto generated then Delivery,
commercial invoice & excise invoice
While in 3rd party sales it is E1 transaction
Distributor raise PO on manufacturing plant on behalf of
delear,material supplied to delear by manufacturing plant,
delear issue form E-1 to manufacure on receipt of goods &
make payment to distributor who will transfer to
manufacture, cst exempted so we can say distributor is sold
to party & delear is ship to party. Other part is same
delivery commercial invoice & excise invoice, in sto
pricing procedure is as per cast auditors certificate

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