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What is the content that is used to customize the groupware integration module?


Customizing is a feature that is given as the part of IMG (Integration module of groupware) environment and it can be accessed through the transaction SPRO (SAP Project Reference object) in CRM (customer relationship management). The synchronization has to be done between the CRM and SAP. The setting of the client will be generated on demand. The customization is allowed for both CRM and SAP and the settings include:

Property Name Default Value Description

DEFAULT_APPT_PROC_TYPE - 0000 - Default transaction type
DEFAULT_TASK_PROC_TYPE - 1003 - Default process type for new tasks
REL_NAME_MY_ACCOUNTS - CXP001 - Relation for accounts of interest
REL_NAME_MY_CONTACTS - BUR011 - Relation for contacts of interest

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