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What is movement type and what are the different types of movement types?


Movement type refers to the movement of stock from one
location or stage to that of other stage . This plays an
important role for postioning of the goods and is closely
linked with the schdule line category and the avilability
check based on which we can determine the current postion
of the stock in palce .
There are no of movement types each of which sepcifes
about the stock movement . Eg
561 : Specfies about the stock posting in the palnt
562 : Withdrawal of stock
101 : Movement type associated with goods issue in Third
251 : Goods issue at Order level
301; 303; 311; 315 : Intercompany stock
351 : Stock postion changing
601 : Goods Issue at Delivery
651 : Returns from Vendor
631;632; 633 & 634 refers to Consignment sales....

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