Data Warehouse Data Mart Question:
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What is data mart?


Data Marts is used on a business division/department level.
A data mart only contains the required subject specific
data for local analysis.
A database, or collection of databases, designed to help
managers make strategic decisions about their business.
data marts are usually smaller and focus on a particular
subject or department. Some data marts, called dependent
data marts, are subsets of larger data warehouses. A data
mart is a simpler form of a data warehouse focused on a
single subject (or functional area) such as sales, finance,
marketing, HR etc. Data Mart represents data from single
business process.

Data mart is a subject oriented data base which support the business requirement of the indivisual business department.Data mart is a sub set of the Dataware house.Since it improves the perfomance of the Dataware house,it also known as High Performance Query Structure(HPQS).

Subject means Business of Interest like HR,Finance,Sales department etc

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