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What is an aerobic exercise?


Aerobic means oxygen. Your muscles are working in an oxygen rich state. After 12 minutes it causes your body to produce FAT-burning enzymes.

According to Covert Baily, an aerobic exercise is one that fits the following four requirements.
1. Is steady, nonstop.
2. Lasts twelve minutes minimum.
3. Has a comfortable pace.
4. Uses the muscles of the lower body.

An easy way to measure if your training too hard/fast is a simple talk test. If you can't carry on a conversation without huffing and puffing for breath you need to slow down. If you can carry on a conversation without stopping every now and then for a breath then you need to go a little faster. You have to be doing some work. Your heart rate and your breathing needs to be elevated.

Examples: walking/running, cycling, rowing, stair climbing, dancing.

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