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What is Trace Flag Definitions in Sybase?


To activate trace flags, add them to the RUN_* script. The following example is using the 1611 and 260 trace flags. Note that there is no space between the '-T' and the traceflag, despite what is written in some documentation.

Use of these traceflags is not recommended by Sybase. Please use at your own risk.

% cd ~sybase/install
# SQL Server Information:
# name: BLAND
# master device: /usr/sybase/dbf/BLAND/master.dat
# master device size: 25600
# errorlog: /usr/sybase/install/errorlog_BLAND
# interfaces: /usr/sybase
/usr/sybase/dataserver -d/usr/sybase/dbf/BLAND/master.dat
-sBLAND -e/usr/sybase/install/errorlog_BLAND -i/usr/sybase
-T1611 -T260

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