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What is Quantifiers in reference linq to Dataset?


Quantifier Operators return the Boolean value (either True or false) if some or all the elements in a sequence satisfy a condition,
Mainly two Quantifiers in linq:


Examples (vb)

"Any" to determine if any of the words in the array contain the substring

Public Sub ExampleAny()
Dim words() = {"believe", "relief", "receipt", "field"}
Dim iAfterE = words.Any(Function(w) w.Contains("ei"))
Console.WriteLine("There is a word that contains in the
list that contains 'ei': {0}", iAfterE)
End Sub

There is a word that contains in the list that contains 'ei': True

"All" to return a grouped a list of products only for categories that have all of their products in stock

Public Sub Quantifier_All_Exam()
Dim products = GetProductList()
Dim productGroups = From p In products _
Group p By p.Category Into Group _
Where (Group.All(Function(p) p.UnitsInStock > 0)) _
Select Category, ProductGroup = Group
ObjectDumper.Write(productGroups, 1)
End Sub

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