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What is Outbound email integration?


This section details the two types of email integration that have been configured for TSRM

Outbound email integration- TSRM uses SMTP for sending out emails.
The configuration element for this is mentioned below:
The System Property controls which smtp server TSRM uses for sending out mail. This is currently set to (IP) which is a Domino server running SMTP service
Troubleshooting tips- Points to check for troubleshooting email delivery
Check that the firewall ports are opened between TSRM and the SMTP server. The port used by SMTP is 25. This check can be performed by trying to telent to the smtp server on port 25 from both the WAS servers (IP)
Check the communication logs for the record in question to ensure that a mail was actually sent from TSRM.
Check for mail routing issues with the Notes team

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