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What is IP addresses, Netmasks and Subnets?


All IP ADDRESSES are divided into two portions: the NETWORK ADDRESS, and the HOST ADDRESS. The network portion of the IP address defines the level at which routing is done this means that all machines with the same network address are on the same network. For example, if we had the IP address a.b.c.d, we might learn that the network portion of that address was a.b, and the host portion of that address was c.d. In that case, all machines with the IP address a.b.*.* would be on the same network. We would typically see a route to the network a.b.0.0. By default, Internet IP addresses are divided into 3 Classes. Each of these ranges has a different portion of the IP address reserved as the network and host addresses. Class IP Range Network Host

Class A 1.*.*.* to 127.*.*.* a b.c.d

Class B 128.*.*.* to 191.*.*.* a.b c.d

Class C 192.*.*.* to 223.*.*.* a.b.c d

Multicast: Class D to

Reserved: Class E to

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