Front End Developer (AngularJS) Question:
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What is AngularJS? What are the key features of AngularJS? Is there any down-side of using AngularJS?


AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript system grew by Google. It helps you to make (SPA)single-page applications or one-page web applications that just require HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the client side. In light of MV-* design, it allows us to build very much organized, effortlessly testable, and viable front-end applications. AngularJS has adapted the best approach to web advancement.
Through it we can easily bind model data to html element, build dynamic html element, make logical decision and do both accept or send data through RESTful API.Advanced AngularJs Interview Questions and Answers

Although all this think can be done through JQuery but with AngularJS we can do all those stuff structurally. That is we can maintain a development structure which required for enterprise web application development, for example, we can extend html’s syntax and build re-useable custom component.

There is no question, JavaScript systems like AngularJS, Ember and so on are the eventual fate of web development.

AngularJS Key Features:
☛ Two way data binding: It allows us to bind data dynamically to html element that come from application’s back-end and also synchronized html element’s data value with front-end model at run-time i.e. it provide the feature of two way data binding.
☛ Directive: It allows us to build re-useable custom directives. Which can save lot of time when we build large scale web application. Also it provide lots of built-in directive out of the box such as ng-repeat, ng-if, ng-model, etc. So that we can easily build single page web application.
☛ Web-Service: It provide built in support for building restful and soap web service.
☛ Model-View-Controller: It support concept of mode-view-controller of modern web application developed. Through $scope provider we can make model which can be blinded to the View (HTML), and through function and restful-service ($resource, $http, etc.) we can build controller in AngularJS.
☛ Routing Service: It provide built-in routing facilities through $routeProvider service.
☛ Dependency Injection: It support the concept of dependency injection like J2EE web app and Spring framework.
☛ Security: We can easily implements front-end resource access controlling mechanism through various out of box component of this framework.
☛ Filter: It provide various built-in filter to convert data to desired format for view purpose such as currency, date, lowercase, uppercase, etc.

Download Front End Developer (AngularJS) Interview Questions And Answers PDF

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