JMX (Java Management Extensions) Question:
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What if there is no JMX data?


No JMX-related output in the logs. I can connect to the JVM with jconsole using the supplied credentials, browse to the configured mbean, jackhammer the Refresh button and get new values. Splunk, however, gets nothing, and leaves no indication as to why. Searching for "host=redacted" or "source='jmx://redacted'" yields nothing.
This is not a complicated setup, nor is it a complicated app. Single server test environment, just trying to get JMX data into Splunk directly instead of having to do some nasty search-time field extraction after indexing data output from JMXTrans text files. It's currently running on JDK 1.7, I tried 1.6 for science to no avail. No idea how to proceed since I'm not getting any errors and there doesn't appear to be a way to raise the log level.

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