Groupware Servers Question:
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What does the groupware system architecture involve?


The groupware system architecture is a generic architecture that is common for all the people and parties that is using it. It includes the following three layers:
1. Infrastructure: This is the lowest level in the architecture. It includes:
a. Content exchange mechanism that allows users to exchange the data that they are working on and communicate with another party using this.
b. Authentication services that allow more than one user to be communicating with each other at the same time.
c. Directory services that allow the recording of the addresses that are communicating at that moment of time.
2. Communication: This is the layer that is on top of infrastructure and allows user to communicate through electronic mail with each other.
3. Collaboration: This is on the top of communication layer and allows real time conversation to take place and enhance the communication to the next level where the video chats are also a possibility. This includes:
a. Calendaring and Scheduling
b. File and printer services
c. Electronic document management

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