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What does Index mean for a single page of your site?


(1) Google has found a link to your page from another page and has predicted the contents of your page based on the text in the link and the context in which the link appeared. You may see your pages in the SERPs with no text description or title.

(2) Google's spider Googlebot has visited the page. You can track this by looking for the presence of Googlebot in your web logs. Just because the Googlebot has visited your page, don't expect to see your page in the SERPs.

(3) Google has indexed the contents of your page and has pulled data about the page into its database. Google is aware of the page and may show the page in search results when you search for all pages from your site using the "" search querry. In this case, you should expect to see your new title in the SERPs and a snippet pulled from the actual text or meta description tag of your page.

(4) Google is showing the page in the SERPs for general searches - i.e. Google has fully evaluated the page and it's relationship to all other pages on the Web.

(5) Google has assigned a PageRank value to your page.

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