MAC Operating System Question:
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What are the system requirements for Mac OS X 10.3?


Mac OS X 10.3 works with these Macintosh computers:
★ Power Mac G5--all models except Power Mac G5 (Early 2005), Power Mac G5 (Late 2005) which use Mac OS X 10.4
★ Power Mac G4 or Macintosh Server G4--all models
★ Power Macintosh G3 or Macintosh Server G3 that have built-in USB ports
★ iMac--all models released in 2004 or earlier
★ iBook--all models except iBook G4 (Mid 2005) which uses Mac OS X 10.4
★ PowerBook G4--all models except PowerBook G4 (Double-Layer SD) which uses Mac OS X 10.4
★ PowerBook G3--Bronze Keyboard models only.

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