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What are the possibilities that can occur if the contact is created or changed on groupware system?


Changing of contact or creation of it requires some steps to change few settings to allow it to be synchronized with the groupware system:
• If there is any change in the contact then for the private data there won’t be any special handling that has to be done.
• If there is any business related data that includes account name, work address and phone number, etc. then a request is sent to the server to synchronize all the addresses and it links the changed account with the server. A search is made on the server to find out the exact match of the account on the server.
• Any list that is returned from the server gets evaluated and the exact matching account is used.
• If there is no exact matching then the possible addresses are added to the contact and a list of all the possible results will be sent to the client, from which it can select the combinations that is matching his account.

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