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What are the main things we have to keep in mind while writing?


The main focus while writing test cases should be to cover all the documented requirements, a rudimentary form of doing this is by specifying the exact requirement number/id against every test case. A better way of doing this is by preparing a Traceability Matrix We should also try and write which cover the implicit requirements along with the expliocit stated ones, some negative test cases to cover unpredicatable scenarios. Effort should be made to test all possible inputs and to apply whatever domain knowledge the tester has. The test cases should follow a logical flow, and should include all the information required for executing the steps. The writing style should be easy to understand, all these points make it easy for the reviewer to review the test cases, and also help in easy execution of test cases as they might be executed by another person. The template for writing the test cases should also be followed preperly and all columns should be filled in with the required information.

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