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What are the main responsibilities in Public Relations (PR)?


PR is responsible to various activities like identifying main clients, audiences, groups, and act as a communication team by determining the best way to communicate to public and publicize the information. Responsible to write interesting and effective press releases, Prepare information, maintain which intranet web pages and company internet site.

Managing events, which are special such as races, sponsorship parties, and parties that, will introduce new products, and various activities like get to gather which supports and gains public attention with advertising directly and not through media channels. Managing budgets related to communications. Maintain the company corporate image and identity, which includes the logos and signage.

Arranging contacts and other form of interviews for executives and draft speeches for high-level management people. Arranging interviews with in the organization, arrange, review supervise; assign the activities of public relations staff. Evaluation of the programs based on advertisement and, promotion for compatibility with public relation efforts.

Helping in establishing and maintenance of government officials and thereby creating an effective working relationship with municipals and media representatives. Confer to internal communications with labor relation managers, which keeps employees, informed about the activities in the company.

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